Arunas Bizokas

Adjudicator: 2022 USA DanceSport National Championships

Arunas Bizokas

Arunas Bizokas is an 11-time WDC Professional Ballroom World Champion as well as a World Amateur, European, International, UK, and British Champion in the Standard division. Currently, he is the President of the World Dance Organization (WDO) all the while traveling the world as an instructor & adjudicator. Arunas Bizokas tried many different sports, including soccer, basketball, and swimming, as a young boy. However, his mother loved Ballroom Dancing so much, that when he was seven years old, she took him to his first dance class as an after-school activity. Arunas started competitive dancing at the age of 13 and has had a very successful career in the juniors, youth, and amateur divisions. He made his first finals in the European and World Amateur Championships when he was only 19 years old.

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