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Join WDO’s Team USA

What is more fulfilling than being part of a strong team representing your country? Now is the time to join the DSF as a competitive dancer to represent the USA as an official member of the WDO’s United States Team.

Studies have found that team structure enhances team performance through the process of team learning (e.g.,  Bunderson and Boumgarden, 2010Bresman and Zellmer-Bruhn, 2013).

A feeling of belonging brings about inner importance that affects mood and self-esteem, which in turn sparks a tremendous effect on performance. The DanceSport Federation (DSF) is all about empowerment and teamwork, bringing together members from all walks of life to join hands and lead the industry forward to a better and brighter future in this country. We are so thrilled to represent the WDO and its core values from the side of the United States, and we cannot wait to grow here alongside you in expanding and changing the grounds of Ballroom Dancing in this country for the better of all involved.

Join us today as a competitive dancer, a social dancer, an adjudicator, or a competition organizer. We look forward to having you a part of our up-and-growing family!

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